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What Does FTM Top Surgery Involve?

Female to male top surgery involves the removal of breasts and breast tissue as well as reconstruction of the chest so that it appears more masculine or non-binary. The surgery itself can take various approaches depending on your current weight, your body shape, and the end result that you hope to achieve.

What Types of Incisions are Used?

The best way to find out which type of surgery is best for you is to schedule a private consultation with our double board-certified plastic surgeon, Dr. Rashid. There are different approaches to performing an FTM surgery. Some of the approaches are as follows:


The keyhole incision is used when people have very small breasts to begin with. A semi-circular incision is made along the areola and the breast tissue is removed. This allows the nipple and areola to remain in place. An alternative to this procedure is liposuction alone with a lateral pull through technique listed below.

Liposuction with lateral pull through

Several small incisions are made through which liposuction is performed, and the firmer breast parenchyma is removed through a small lateral incision that is not on the breast mound itself. In most cases, Dr. Rashid is able to do the entire operation through just the lateral incision alone. This technique does require that the patient must have small breasts without excessive amounts of skin.

Double line with or without free nipple grafting

Two incisions are made above and below the nipple itself and the breast is removed. The nipple is usually spared and placed back on as a nipple graft. This technique is optimal for patients with larger breasts whose paramount concern is to achieve a very flat chest with removal of excess skin. The drawback is loss of sensation of the nipple itself.

Double line with nipple sparing on a pedicle

An incision is made around the nipple and above it. Tissue around the nipple is spared as is sensation. The chest will have some prominence but in patients that have more weight it will appear to be appropriate to the rest of their body habitus.

Am I a Candidate for FTM Top Surgery?

During your consultation with Dr. Rashid, he will assess your medical history to determine whether FTM top surgery would be appropriate for you. He may make suggestions about your medications if you are taking any, as some may need to be stopped for a period of time before and after surgery. He will be happy to fully explain the entire process in a private consultation.

If you feel that your identity would be affirmed or that your appearance would be enhanced by altering your body shape by creating a masculine chest structure or non-binary chest, then you might be a candidate for FTM top surgery. Candidates should also:

  • Be non-smokers
  • Be in good health and at a relatively stable weight
  • Be mentally and emotionally healthy
  • Not have infections or current health issues
  • Have realistic goals for the procedure

How Long is the Recovery Period?

The recovery period for FTM top surgery is roughly six weeks. You will have to take the first week off of work, and if your work is physically demanding, then you may need to take off the first two weeks. After six weeks and with Dr. Rashid’s approval, you will be able to resume more strenuous physical exercise or activities.

FTM Top Surgery Peoria IL
FTM Top Surgery Peoria IL

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