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What is Dysport?

Dysport has the same active ingredient as BOTOX, a neurotoxin called botulinum, in a different formula. It is considered to achieve a very natural look, smoothing lines and creases on the forehead, and between the brows. The formula is thinner, and produces results in about two to three days, lasting for up to four months.

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How is BOTOX Different from Dysport?

While both injectables work with the same neurotoxin, the difference lies in the formulation. Dysport is a thinner formula which can produce a more natural look in certain facial areas, as it spreads more evenly to the surrounding tissues of the forehead. The molecules in Dysport are smaller and lead to a faster result.

BOTOX injections may be more appropriate in areas with thicker muscles or where more precision is needed, such as crow’s feet. For those who need a smoothing effect more quickly, Dysport requires less time, in the range of 24 hours as opposed to in the range of 72 hours with BOTOX.

Why Try Dysport?

One of the nice aspects of Dysport is the thinner formula slowly tapers off from the injections site. However, as it is thinner and spreads more easily, you want to ensure that your injector understands the product thoroughly.

Dysport injections can produce a very natural looking improvement as the product slowly tapers off into the surrounding muscles, often superior when used to smooth forehead lines.

A combination of both BOTOX and Dysport may be the best option, with the BOTOX injected to treat crows’ feet, and Dysport to treat forehead lines and frown lines. What’s right for you? Meet with us at our luxury private clinic so we can evaluate your skin condition and advise you of the most appropriate product or procedure.

Anti-Aging Treatments in Peoria: Rashid

At Rashid, our entire team is dedicated to providing a superior patient experience, at our luxury private plastic surgery center. We offer our patients the full scope of surgical and non-surgical treatments, including Dysport.

As respected professionals in the field of plastic surgery, we take great pride in the meticulous care with which every procedure is performed. If you are ready to try the skin smoothing effects of Dysport, we invite you to discover our clinic, where we are committed to helping our patients feel and look their best.

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