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Treatment of leg veins with the Nd: YAG laser

The Nd: YAG laser system has become the “gold standard” for advanced leg vein treatment. The system can treat deeper spider veins, often appearing as a tangle of blue lines beneath the skin’s surface. At once time, sclerotherapy was the standard method to treat deep leg veins, until the development of the Nd: YAG laser on the M22 laser platform from Lumenis. Dr. Rashid is able to perform sclerotherapy or use the Nd: YAG laser and tailor a treatment for you. 

How does the Nd: YAG laser treat vascular lesions and leg veins?

The light energy emitted by the Nd: YAG penetrates the skin, penetrating the blood vessel or spider vein. The energy generates heat, coagulating the blood within the vein, causing it to collapse, sealing it closed. The blood is rerouted to deeper blood vessels, and the damaged vein slowly disappears as the body sheds the cells naturally. The beauty of the Nd: YAG laser is the surrounding skin and vessels are protected by the custom cooling feature between each pulse of the laser. 

How long does it take to treat vascular lesions or leg veins with the Nd: YAG laser?

The treatment requires only 20 to 30 minutes to perform, with no anesthesia needed. You can expect to undergo two to five treatments, spaced four to six weeks apart to treat vascular lesions or leg veins until they are no longer visible on the surface of your skin. Usually there is improvement even after one treatment, but patients may opt to have additional treatments if they wish to further enhance their results. 

How does the Nd: YAG treat vascular lesions?

The Nd: YAG laser emits light energy by targeting oxyhemoglobin, a bright red substance in oxygenated blood, the main protein in red blood cells. The Nd: YAG laser energy, attracted to the blood, transfers the energy to the blood vessel wall so it no longer functions, with the blood rerouted to deeper vessels. The Nd: YAG is exceptionally precise, allowing for deep leg veins and vascular lesions to be treated and removed with less damage to the surrounding tissues. 

Recovery from Nd: YAG deep leg vein removal, vascular lesion removal

The recovery from treatment is not difficult, with mild side effects of reddened skin and mild swelling. Transient redness and swelling are the most common side effects, while scarring and pigment changes are rare. A cooling feature on the Nd: YAG laser protects the surrounding skin and tissue, achieving a superior result with faster recovery time.

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